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Provider Education with Des Moines University

NAMI Provider Education is a staff development program specifically for health care professionals who work directly with individuals living with mental illness.  A panel of three, a mental health professional with personal experience, a family member of a person with serious emotional illness, and an individual living in recovery with mental illness, lead the 15 hour session.  An abbreviated four hour program is also available. NAMI Iowa trained panels from NAMI Greater Des Moines, NAMIs Linn and Johnson County, and NAMI NE Iowa located in Decorah.  A total of 29 individuals were trained and are now ready and willing to serve.  Some of the family members and peers will be asked to participate in two Provider panels that will lead the session for third year medical students at Des Moines University on May 30, 31, and June 1.  DMU was pleased that 57 medical students volunteered to participate.  Next year, the expectation is that DMU will have Provider Education as part of their curriculum, teaching 221 third year medical students.

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