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During the 2017 legislative session, we quickly learned that personal stories are the key to advocating and swaying elected officials to care about mental health related topics. Stories put a face and name to hot button issues. Stories make statistic-laden materials more personal and easier to connect with. Most importantly, stories stick with us. It’s impossible to forget that anecdote about the 10 year old in the emergency room because of a mental health crisis. Or that 45 year old woman who’s insurance suddenly won’t cover her critical anti-depressant medication.

We absolutely know these stories are out there. We hear them everyday on our phone line. We hear them when we visit with our affiliates. We seem them voiced on social media platforms. Though the 2018 legislative session is months away, the advocacy work does not take a break. To be proactive and even more effective during the next session, we are gathering stories to have in “story banks.”

Your story is powerful. Your story can make a difference. Your story can help better the lives of thousands of Iowa with mental illness. If you have experienced any issues, difficulties or setbacks with the topics below, please take a few minutes to fill out the form. Your story will not be shared publicly without your permission!

Share Your Story: Medicaid Expansion & Medicare Subsidies

Medicaid and Medicare have been very popular topics in recent political discussion. In fact, Iowa expanded its Medicaid program based on specifications in the Affordable Care Act in March of 2016 to reach more people. Medicare has a new program called Extra Help that provides subsidies, or financial support, to go towards purchasing prescription drugs.

Share Your Story: NAMI Iowa and You

We are gathering stories on how NAMI Iowa has positively impacted people living with mental health conditions and their families in Iowa through our selection of classes and trainings.

Share Your Story: Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed by former President Barack Obama in 2010 improved access to health care for millions of Americans. Now Congressional Republicans are seeking to repeal the ACA and replace it with the American Health Care Act (AHCA).

Share Your Story: Nonmedical Switching

Nonmedical switching occurs when an insurance provider changes the requirements for a stable patient with a chronic condition, such as a mental illness, to receive medication for their condition. It is usually done to save money for the company and occurs after a patient has spent a considerable amount of time finding a treatment that works for them.

Share Your Story: Subsidies Through the Healthcare Exchange

One feature of the Affordable Care Act was establishing a “marketplace” where people who do not receive insurance through their employers could compare different insurance plans from many providers at once. Some eligible Americans also receive subsidies (sponsored financial assistance) so insurance is more affordable.

Remember your story will remain confidential and private until we contact you and ask permission to share your story. Thank you for your open honesy and willingness to help others!

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